FIFA 21 Gameplay: NEW trailer countdown, Latest News, New Features, Gameplay Reveal, Dribbling, Updates & more

News on FIFA 21 is now coming at us thick and fast, with EA slowly revealing more and more about the new game.

The gameplay is one area of the game we are most excited for, so here is what we know so far.

Gameplay trailer coming soon

EA have announced a brand new trailer showcasing some of the game’s new features.

Arriving on 4 August, at 4pm BST/ 8am PT, you can find out all the details right here.

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This kicks off the gameplay reveals for this month, which looks to be all running on schedule!

Gameplay Leak

We may have we seen our first glimpse of the FIFA 21 Beta.

A supposed leak of footage from the Beta has surfaced to give us another glimpse of the new game.

Check out all the information on the potential gameplay leak here.

New gameplay features

EA has revealed a few new features that players can expect to find in games across FIFA 21.

Agile dribbling

Faster footwork gives you more control and responsiveness in one-on-one situations.

There will be new skill moves like the ball roll fake and bridge dribble to allow you to explode past defenders.

Positioning personality

What does this mean? Well it raises the importance of positional awareness.

World-class forwards will hold a run, playmakers will hunt for space, and defenders will close off passing lanes.

fifa 21 gameplay reveal 1
MAKE A MOVE: Off-ball runs will make slicing up a defence better than ever

Creative runs

This will give you new options to influence your teams off-ball movement. EA claim it will revolutionise attacking build-up play for FIFA 21.

What else?

Thanks to community feedback EA claim to have made revisions to the fundamentals of football with manual headers, more balanced blocking, more intelligent passing, and better responsiveness.

The competitor mode setting gives your opposition a better grasp of skill moves, dribbling types, and tactics, giving you a more challenging and rewarding experience.


The last real chance to come to shooting on any FIFA title was the implementation of timed finishing back on FIFA 19.

A feature which still divides opinion, with plenty of players preferring to stick to the traditional methods and turn it off.

FIFA 20 Free Kick
PRECISION – Taking free kicks is difficult in FIFA 20

But one thing which cannot be turned off is the new free-kick and penalty techniques which came in on FIFA 20, and whilst you can learn how to improve your free-kick and/or penalty ability, for many, reverting back to the old style would be a welcome change.

This was the classic use of the right analogue stick, using it to add dip or curl to your shots, with no concerns about timing,

Aside from that, we don’t see any changes to the norm in terms of finesse shots, chips and low driven shots.


One of the key notes in the updated gameplay ahead of FIFA 20 was an improvement to AI Defending.

This was described as “an overhaul in the positioning and tackling system” which in turn would help to improve abilities of the AI to “complement the user-controller player”.

CHALLENGE – The changes to defending in FIFA 20 have gone down a hit

The focus on rewarding user-controlled defending was a big thing in FIFA 20, as controlled tackling took centre stage.

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The defending seemed to take a significant step forward on FIFA 20 and EA will be looking to continue this into FIFA 21.


Another key change to gameplay on FIFA 20 was the addition of Dynamic One-on-Ones – a feature focusing on the user’s ability both offensively and defensively in decisive moments, such as one-on-ones.

FIFA 20 Dribbling
1v1 – There was a big change to 1v1 dribbling on FIFA 20

Other than additional skill move’s being implemented – we expect to see one or two new skills added as we get each year – there isn’t any real issues or changes that are crying out to be made in the dribbling sector.


It was brought in as EA’s showpiece new feature for FIFA 20 but in all honesty, it’s been a tad disappointing.

Don’t get us wrong, the concept and ideas behind the mode are great, and whilst there’s no denying it’s fun to play, it still feels like it has more to offer, as it failed to reach the heights of the classic FIFA Street series.

VOLTA 3 v 3
MIXING IT UP – You can play anything from 3 to 5-a-side with Volta

With Ultimate Team the obvious fan-favourite when it comes to game modes in FIFA, could we see Volta cross over into this sector and see Ultimate Team players come up against each other in the Volta cages?

What could do with changing?

There are some areas in FIFA 20 that could do with tweaking for FIFA 21, with some aspects of the game considered overpowered (OP) by the community.

Headers & Corners

It is obvious EA has looked to nerf the overpowered heading ability that we have seen in previous FIFA, but whilst we don’t want to see every header fly into the top corner, it would be nice if it was a little bit easier.

A greater window on timing would be great, and perhaps having a greater impetus on the heading accuracy attribute, with not all players adept in the air.

Van Dijk Basic
HEAD BOY – Heading should be left to the experts

The front-post corner was foolproof in FIFA 19, and it was rightfully removed for FIFA 20.

The trouble is now, corners are just too hard to score from either offline or online.

Hitting the post!

This has been nerfed somewhat by recent updates to FIFA 20, but hitting the post still remains a real problem.

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In fact, one-on-ones in general on FIFA this year lack any real consistency, it all seems a little bit random and sporadic with the accuracy of shooting and chance conversion.

Free Kicks and Penalties

We’ve alluded to it already, but a change to free kicks and penalties would be something welcomed by many.

FIFA 20 Penalties
ACCURACY – There may be a target on screen, but penalties aren’t easy!

Yes, people have gotten better at free-kicks as FIFA 20 has progressed but, for many, it’s something which is just too difficult. Likewise with penalties.

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With the option to revert timed finishing back to the classic, why not allow players to choose which free kick / penalty technique suits them best too?

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