Madden 21 X-Factors: EA to confirm new Superstar abilities today

Madden 21 is jut a month away.

While certain aspects of Madden 21 have been announced, like all the ratings, others have leaked.

We already have a complete list of Madden 21 X-Factors, but will EA throw us any surprises with their announcement?

EA to announce X-Factors

A tweet over the weekend let us know that an announcement is coming.

madden 21 x factors
COMICBOOK HEROES: These abilities do sometimes make players OP

With the list of X-Factor abilities already leaked, it’s unlikely there are any surprises.

That said, some of the leaked OVRs were incorrect, so it may be that EA does have a shock or two in store.

First Reveal – QB X-Factors

The first X-Factor abilities revealed in the week-long EA event are the QB abilities.

Here are each of the QB X-Factor abilities and who has them.

Gambler (Aaron Rodgers)

Aaron Rodgers may have gotten a lighter rating than people were expecting in Madden 21 – but he does bring to the table a good zone ability.

rsz aaron rodgers madden 21 rating ea sports
LEGACY: Rodgers has already built a huge legacy in Green Bay, and he’s looking to stack more accolades on the list

When in the Zone, Gambler means Rodgers can’t be intercepted by AI.

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To trigger the ability, players must make three consecutive completions of 5+ yards, and they’ll be knocked out of the ability upon two incompletions.

Pro Reads (Drew Brees, Tom Brady)

Drew Brees has all the weapons he could want entering Madden 21 with a 99 Club WR in Michael Thomas. Tom Brady enters Madden 21 on a whole new team, and looks to bring the hotshotted Buccaneers to major success.

madden 20 nfl playoffs cards revealed including drew brees
VETERAN INSTINCTS: Brees and Brady are two of the biggest veterans in the league, and are still elite level QBs with incredible football IQ

Brees and Brady both bring Pro Reads to the table, which highlights the first open receiver from the pocket while in the Zone.

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The ability is triggered with three consecutive 5+ yard completions, and you’ll be knocked out of the ability after a sack.

Truzz (Lamar Jackson)

Truzz is Jackson’s signature catch phrase, and gives him some extra power in Madden 21.

lamar jackson madden 20
SOMEBODY STOP HIM: Lamar Jackson will do plenty of running in Madden 21, and thanks to Truzz, he’ll feel bulletproof

When in the Zone, Truzz means Lamar Jackson can’t fumble.

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The ability is triggered by five 1+ yard runs (one of the easier to achieve). But beware, you’ll be knocked out of the ability after on tackle for loss.

Blitz Radar (Russell Wilson)

Russell Wilson enters Madden 21 with plenty of offensive tools at his disposal, and thanks to a recent trade, he’s also got Jamal Adams as a huge addition to the Seahawks defense.

Russell Wilson Madden 21
BLITZ IQ: Wilson can pick out extra blitzers before they become a problem

Wilson’s X-Factor ability is Blitz Radar. When in the Zone, this means that extra blitzers that aren’t defensive linemen will be highlighted during the play.

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To trigger the ability you’ll need to scramble for 10+ yards three times (but it won’t have to be consecutively). You’ll be knocked out of the ability after two sacks.

Bazooka (Patrick Mahomes)

Mahomes is coming to Madden 21 ready to defend his Super Bowl Championship.

mahomes madden
GO LONG: Mahomes has a cannon for an arm, and it’s only getting better in Madden 21

Mahomes brings Bazooka, an X-Factor ability that increases his max throwing distance by 15+ yards when in the Zone, up to 80 yards.

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To trigger the ability, you’ll have to complete a pass with 30+ yards in the air, so yac won’t count. You’ll be knocked out of the ability after one sack.

New abilities

Two new X-Factor abilities, Truzz and Avalanche, have received strong reactions from the community.

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Truzz is a QB ability which means they won’t fumble. It’s currently only on cover star Lamar Jackson, but it removes the one big risk players take when running with their quarterback.

madden 21 lamar jackson
NO FEAR: In The Zone Lamar will be trying to juke every defender

Avalanche guarantees that a successful hit-stick when running towards the line of scrimmage will result in a fumble. Only Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams have this.

However, following Adams’ blockbuster trade both these players are on the Seahawks, so watch out!

More to come?

Among the leaks were a few superstar abilities that were unassigned. These could end up being attached to players and revealed today.

There could also be an offensive line X-Factor at long last, giving us a chance to create a team around a vicious unit of blockers.

With just a month to go, EA still hasn’t given us any info on The Yard either, so maybe that will get a tease…

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