FIFA 21 Next Gen: Why was there no PS5 or Xbox Series X footage in the Reveal Trailer?

The hype around FIFA 21 is building after we saw the Cover Star, Trailer and game features all revealed this week.

That said, there has been some disappointment from the community that we didn’t receive any Next Gen news.

FIFA 21 Reveal Trailer

Why no Next Gen?

Given the timing of the Reveal Trailer, many though it would be tied in with Xbox’s Games Showcase, which highlighted a load of titles coming to Xbox Series X.

It was then disappointing to see no Next Gen news or footage this week, but could this be a blessing in disguise?

fifa 21 gameplay reveal
UNLOCK THE DEFENCE – New gameplay features are coming to FIFA 21

Next Gen has not been mentioned in the August reveals, which suggests that there is very little more to come from the PS5 and Xbox Series X side of things.

Given that Next Gen consoles will be arriving around eight weeks after the release of FIFA 21, and that there won’t be an exclusive version for PS5 or Xbox Series X – play on Next Gen is set to be entirely superficial.

What do we know?

During EA Play back in June, EA revealed the following features for Next Gen:


  • Blazing fast load times – get to kick-off in seconds
  • Controller haptics (PS5 only) – feel every shot, kick, pass, and tackle in your hands

Graphics and Visuals

  • Deferred Lighting and Rendering – a new lighting system creates more detail in every part of the stadium
  • Re-imagined player bodies – next-gen technology takes players to a whole new level of realism
man city liverpool fifa 21
NEXT LEVEL: EA has confirmed several new features for Next-Gen

Player Animations

  • Enhanced animation technology – new animations create ultra-responsive and realistic player movement
  • Off-ball humanisation – from adjusting shin pads to screaming for passes, feel all the emotion of football at the highest level

Next Level Atmospheres

  • Gameday immersion – contextual player, bench, and fan reactions let you feel the explosive passion of a last-minute winner

FIFA 22 will blow us away

Given the improvements we are seeing on FIFA 21, regardless of Next Gen, it looks as if EA is setting up a very strong foundation for FIFA 22 and the next round of their sports titles.

But that time, we will know the capabilities of the hardware, and they would have seen how the additional cosmetics for Next Gen play for FIFA 21 have performed.

Should I move for Next Gen?

Those in a dilemma about whether they should purchase a PS5 or Xbox Series X for improved FIFA 21 gameplay are in a tricky positio.

It really does hang on your other games.

Given that it’s a free upgrade when you move from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Series X for FIFA 21, that will tempt players to the make the move.

Spider Man Miles Morales
SWINGING BY – Let other Next Gen titles influence your decision to upgrade

If you are tempted by upcoming Next Gen titles like Halo Infinite on Series X or Spider-man Miles Morales on PS5, then let that dictate your move into Next Gen.

FIFA 21 will be a beautiful game, regardless of which console you play it on – it just depends how beautiful you want to play.

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