Kingdom Hearts 3 Mickey shaped Lucky Emblems locations for all of you! Check it out now!

Remember Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show? The group of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and of course, Pluto, tries to discover the iconic “Mickey Mouse” emblem hidden in various areas. And with the help of kids, they always succeed in finding those emblems. The third installment in Kingdom Hearts video game franchise has a similar kind of format for unearthing all the Lucky Emblems.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has many collectables hidden in the game. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hop onto this article to know about the locations of some important hidden Lucky Emblems!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems in Olympus Locations


Overlook: Save the couple and receive their gifts in return. Now, you will see a Lucky Emblem carved on the wall in the northeast direction.

The Big Olive: Take off to The Big Olive area where you will witness some big-sized stones. There you will see a Lucky Emblem on one of these stones.

Agora: Remember Agora Square near the Agora Save Point area? Now head to the right direction to see it on some stairs.

Overlook: Run to the top of the stairs at the back of Overlook Save Point and discover it on a wall between some small plants.

Mount Olympus:

Cliff Ascent: Remove your concentration from Thebes and grab the path in the left direction to go to Mount Olympus. A long pillar possessing a Lucky Emblem will be witnessed by you.

Cliff Ascent 2: Near the above-mentioned pillar, look on the right side of a narrow waterfall.

Cliff Ascent 3: Go towards the right direction of the waterfall and reach the cliff. You will find yourself in a cavern. Go to your left and gawk below the cliff to see it.

Mountainside: Head to the higher part of the Mount Olympus. Don’t get scared if everything turns dark. This where you combated the Titan! You may encounter some foes. Defeat them and gaze at a big tree with its branches making the sign of a Lucky Emblem.

Realm of the Gods:

Corridor: Go near the stairs headed in an upward direction near the Save Point. You will see it marked on a wall.

Corridor 2: Just hop on the straight water stream near the Save Point and you will enter into a room. Check one of the walls to find it.

Secluded Forge: An anvil marked with a Lucky Emblem on one of its sides can be seen by you in this region.

Cloud Ridge: Climb the ramp on your left side near the Corridors Save Point and beat some enemies here. Now, jump on the long rail and use the stairs to go up. A Lucky Emblem-shaped cloud will be present there.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Twilight Town Lucky Emblem Locations

The Neighborhood:

Tram Common: Look at the brick wall present in the left direction of Huey, Dewey and Louie’s shop. It is present just above a lady sitting on a bench.

Tram Common 2: Get on top of a moving tram and look at its surface!

Tram Common 3: Reach the topmost portion of Moogle Shop to see it carved on one of the pillars.

Tram Common 4: Head to the movie theatre and wait for the movie to complete. After its completion, you will witness it on the screen.

Tram Common 5: Go to the top of the building standing in front of the cinema. Look below at a restaurant to see three plates forming the shape of a Lucky Emblem.

The Woods: Visit The Woods and open the doors of Underground Conduit. It is located on the right door.

The Woods 2: Enter the forest near the wooden doors and turn over to a giant wall. It is present in the middle of the wall.

The Woods 3: Drop a visit to the hills located in the east direction of The Woods region. It will be made with the help of the sunlight.

The Old Mansion: Go inside The Old Mansion to see it on the left wall near the bushes.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem in Toy Box Locations!

Andy’s House: Head straight to Andy’s Room. Look at a light blue-coloured box under the bookshelf on the left side of the door.

Andy’s House 2: Located on the top of the garage in his house. Try to find it in the corner.

Andy’s House 3: Look at the front side of the main door. A Lucky Emblem made up of leaves will be seen on the ground.

Andy’s House 4: Go to the opposite side of the road and search the van standing there. It is present on the backside of the van.

Galaxy Toys: Go to the counter and search the wall on the back of the gift wrapping station. It is made up of light yellow-coloured tapes.

Vents Area: Head to the action figures area to go inside the vents. Cross these vents to encounter a fan which will help you to go upward by flying you up through its air. Try to reach the vent below the top one and turn back!

Galaxy Toys Third Floor: There will be a bench outside Babies and Toddlers: Dolls. Jump on it to reach the while-coloured UFO. Look at the hatch properly.

Babies and Toddlers – Dolls: Go inside the shop and drop a visit to the counter. Try to find a Lucky Emblem formed by disco balls.

Third Floor: Head straight to the robot display on the third floor. Turn to the left direction to go near it. Look at its bottom part.

Outdoors: Again, go back to the first floor. Head outside by opening the entrance gate. Roll to your right and see it on some boxes.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems in the Kingdom of Corona

The Forest:

Tower: Reach to the top of the tower. Its roof is coloured in purple. Look near the water on the left side to see it made up with some stones.

Wetlands: Go into the caves near the Campground Save Point. Now, run to the bottom floor. Search the barrels.

Shore: Just before embarking on the bridge of The Kingdom, look at its right side at the end.

The Kingdom:

Thoroughfare: Welcome to The Kingdom! Now, head towards the 2nd archway to your left.

Thoroughfare 2: Keep going forward on the Thoroughfare to meet the mural of Rapunzel’s family. Now, turn left and search the first big wooden gate near it.

The Wharf: Search for a cylindrical shaped tower with a spiral-like stairs inside it. Lucky Emblem can be seen on its entrance door.

The Wharf 2: Go to Thoroughfare Save Point and turn yourself in the left direction. Climb down the stairs. Now, search the Mickey sign at the back of the stairwell formed by some barrels.

The Wharf 3: Reach to the top of the lighthouse and discover the Mickey emblem in the middle.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems in Monstropolis Locations

Monsters Inc:

Laugh Floor: Some long-shaped desks are placed on the Laugh Floor. They are present near the Save Point at the beginning. Check the seventh desk.

Laugh Floor 2: Remove the clown toy from its place at the entry point of the Laugh Floor. Just look down to discover it.

The Door Vault – Upper Level: Seize the railing near its Save Point. Land yourself and turn to your right. Go forward to meet a brown wall with a Mickey shape!

The Factory: Head to the ground floor’s Save Point in The Factory. Keep going on the way and after some time, stairs can be seen on your right side. Lucky Emblem is present under the giant window of the wall.

The Factory 2: On the ground floor, go to the painting room near The Factory’s Save Point. A pink-coloured Mickey is drawn near the sign of Painting Booth.

The Factory’s Second Floor: Grab the yellow elevator next to the Save Point. Keep going forward in the corridor. Some orange-coloured stairs will be visible to you. Cross that and head into an entrance on the left direction. Look at the wall now!

Power Plant:

Accessway: Near its Save Point, there’s a desk with a blue helmet. Now look at the filing cabinet above the helmet.

Tank Yard: Seeing some blue crates behind a CDA agent? Use them to leap yourself on the orange-coloured platform. Now just turn yourself to see three white pipes creating the emblem.

Vault Passage: From its Save Point, rush down the dark corridor. Now, grab the stairs at the beginning and place yourself near the CDA agent. A Mickey-shaped figure made up of oil will be seen at the floor.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems in Arendelle Locations

The North Mountain:

Treescape: Head to its Gorge’s Save Point. Turn to your south and go down the mountain path. After some time, make a left turn and encounter an opened chest or a boulder. There will be a tree with the iconic Mickey symbol on your left.

Mountain Ridge: Go down through the zig-zag way near its Save Point. In the end, you will see a Lucky Emblem on a wall on your very last turn.

Frozen Wall: There’s a crack in the right direction of the castle entrance near the Mountain Ridge’s Save Point. Try to hug right and you will encounter a Lucky Emblem on a snow slope.

Snowfield: Head straight to the Foothills Save Point of the North Mountain. Keep going on the path and hug left to the giant opening area. Some logs can be seen by you in the right direction. Search it carefully.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem in 100 Acre Wood Locations

Rabbit’s House: Carefully search the biggest pumpkin in the garden. Also, don’t forget to drop a visit to the bucket placed in the left direction of the treehouse.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem in San Fransokyo Locations

Hiro’s Garage: Go to this place at once and check out the front wall.

The City South District (Day): Near its Save Point, an enormous statue can be seen in the east direction. It is carrying a knife and a fish. Reach to its top and see Mickey-shaped red bushes.

The City South District (Night): Go to the backside of the Save Point. Rush to the top of John’s Fashion Center. Look at the building with a big-shaped M. The Mickey sign can be seen beneath the big M.

The City Central District (Day): Search for some fish scale-patterned fans in the sky above you. A fan heading towards the sea with a blend of red, black, and blue is the one you need to airstep. Look at its surface.

The City North District (Day): Head to the North District Save Point. Select the northwest direction and go through the biggest portion of the park planted with pink trees. On its other side, there’s a road with some stairs placed on the left. Search it.

The City North District (Day): There’s a monorail above its Save Point. Go to it and take yourself into the road in the north direction. You can discover a Lucky Emblem with the help of the light placed on the right side of the tunnel.

The City North District (Day): Head yourself to the same place mentioned above. Just airstep to the highest area.

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