How to decipher the Eridian Writing in Borderlands 3? Also checkout the locations of Eridian slabs! Click here!

If you consider yourself a big fan of Borderlands 3 then you must have encountered several slabs carved in Eridian language in many regions of the game. In the early stages of your game, you must have thought that what these Eridian slabs mean, right? Well, let us inform you that translating these slabs is not a piece of cake. You can’t decipher them in the first 18 story chapters of the game. You have to wait for the 19th chapter, The Great Vault.

The Great Vault provides you with an opportunity to snatch an Eridian Analyzer to interpret the slabs. Otherwise, you don’t have any other choice rather than knocking your head against a wall.

Your character in Borderlands 3 will discover many slabs of Eridian Writing dispersed all over the galaxy. Uncover them and fetch exciting rewards in the form of Eridian currency.

How to translate the Eridian Writing in Borderlands 3?

Like we informed you earlier, you have to enter The Great Vault chapter of Borderlands 3. First, you have to finish off the boss in order to get your hands on the Eridian Analyzer. After killing him, you will be able to find it.

The Eridian Analyzer is the only instrument in the game which can be used to decipher the Eridian language. It converts the writings into Echo Logs so that you can pay attention to them anytime you want.

Now, here’s the main info! Go near to any Eridian slab and the game will show you the right button to press via your screen. Just press it and watch the Eridian Analyzer performing its magic!

Deciphering every Eridian slab will end up filling your pockets with 25 Eridian. You can utilize this pink-coloured currency to purchase some specific weapons in Sanctuary. There you will come across an ugly looking NPC with a band-aid on its nose. Yup, he’s Crazy Earl!

Eridian Writing Locations in Borderlands 3!

Here is the list of locations where you can encounter the slabs engraved in Eridian language!


  • The Droughts
  • Ascension Bluff
  • Devil’s Razor
  • Carnivora
  • Splinterlands
  • Destroyer’s Rift
  • Guts of Carnivora
  • Konrad’s Hold
  • Cathedral of the Twin Gods


  • Lectra City
  • Meridian Outskirts
  • Meridian Metroplex
  • Atlas HQ
  • Neon Arterial
  • Skywell-27


  • The Anvil
  • Floodmoor Basin
  • Voracious Canopy
  • Jakob’s Estate
  • Ambermire
  • Blackbarrel Cellars


  • Tazendeer Ruins
  • The Pyre of Stars
  • Desolation’s Edge


Ready for a quick history lesson in Borderlands 3?

Deciphering Eridian slabs means that you will unearth Nyriad’s memories. She is also an NPC in Borderlands 3. Before her death, she belonged to the category of Sirens. She used to reside in the Eridian community. Soon, she became the reason behind the devastation of those people. The Destroyer was also sealed by her within the planet of Pandora.

The Eridian slabs in Borderlands 3 will tell you all the stories about Nyriad, the Sirens, and the intergalactic peril named The Destroyer. They will also explain your character about the ways in which the Sirens operated among the Eridian people.

But remember, don’t try to interact with an Eridian slab if you don’t have the Eridian Analyzer. You will get nothing but confusion!

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