The Good Place Season 5 RETURNS with Kristen Bell as Eleanor in the next season, Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!

The Good Place is the American fantasy comedy series that created a roar. Michael Schur is the creator of the series. Season 1 of the series premiered on September 19, 2016. Since then, three seasons have followed. Season 4 aired its last episode on January 30, 2020.

Universal Television and Fermulon 3 have done the production of the series, along with Arts and Entertainment. The director of the series is Drew Goddard, and the writer is Andrew Law. Moreover, Kassia Miller has also co-written the series.

Unfortunately, season 4 is the last and final season of the series. The news has been disheartening to fans. And we’re hoping that the creators will announce another season to surprise the fans. But this seems to be unlikely.

The Good Place has been receiving applause for its unique writing, fun settings, and spectacular acting! Also, the ending of the three seasons explores the use of ethics and philosophy. The series has received various awards.

The Good Place Season 5: Release Date

Around December 2018, NBC announced the renewal of the series. The last episode aired On January 30, 2020. Marking, Season 4 as the final and last season of the series. But we’re hoping that the series makes a comeback.

The question is not when, but if the series comes back for the season, we are going to be the first ones to let you know! Until then, The Good Place is available on Netflix for binge-watching.

The Good Place Season 5: Cast

Since season 4 is the last episode, fans believe that season 5 might be a reunion for the previous cast members. The cast of the previous seasons include:

  • Kristen Bell plays the main protagonist Eleanor Shellstrop; she is a dead selfish saleswoman who ends up in the good place.
  • William Jackson Harper plays the role of Chidi Anagonye, and he is a dead professor of ethics and moral philosophy.
  • Jameela Jamil portrays the role of Tahani Al-Jamil; she is a wealthy British philanthropist who thinks she belongs to the Good Place.
  • D’Arcy Carden portrays the character of Janet, she is the primary source of knowledge at good place, and she can also give citizens of the good place whatever they wish.
  • Manny Jacinto plays the role of Jason Mendoza; he ends in the good place by mistake. He is an amateur DJ and Drug dealer, who has died.
  • Ted Danson plays the character of Michael. He runs the good place neighborhood but is an architect of the Bad Place.

The Good Place Season 5: Plot

The unfortunate news is, we might not get a season 5. The creators of the show clearly said that season four is the final season. Moreover, the storyline of the good place wrapped well in the finale. We, as the audience, found the end of characters satisfactory. The conclusion of the series played out well. Thus, another reason that makes season 5 highly unlikely.

Schur says that the ending of the series had already been decided by season 2. Also, NBC accepted the creative decision to make season 4 as the finale. Therefore, at the ending of the series, we see Eleanor, Tahani, Chidi, and Jason in their journey to the afterlife.

But if the show returns for season 5, other loopholes from previous seasons can be solved. One of these loopholes can include the exit of the Good Place. And the fact that it doesn’t wipe out the existence of a person. Even Michael returns to Earth. Furthermore, a spinoff can be in the talks, we’re hoping for the best.

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The Good Place Season 5: Storyline

The series revolves around Eleanor Shellstrop, who dies and ends up in a fictional place, “The Good Place.” The Good place is a highly filtering heaven-like utopia; it is the afterlife. As the story moves forward, she realizes that she is there by mistake. She tries to become a better person, ethically, and morally.

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