Vileplume Pokemon, Click to know it’s Location, Stats, Uses, Evolving method and much more about the Pokemon!

“Vileplume” is a blue color small Pokemon. It walks on two legs with involving hands and feet. It has red little eyes and smallmouth. On its head, there is a large red flower with a brown center. Vileplume’s flower is famous for being a giant petals in the world. The flower is almost too heavy for Vileplume itself to support. The pretty rounded leaves are red with white spots. Female Vileplume has only a few petals but with more significant white spots.

Base Stats: “Vileplume”

  • HP: The HP points of Vileplume is 75.
  • Attack: Its attack result is 80.
  • Defense: Vileplume can play defense very well, and its defense result is 85.
  • Special Attack: The score of Vileplume’s special attack is 110. It has an excellent ability for its special attack.
  • Special Defence: It scores 90 for its self-defense. It is an OK score.
  • Speed: Even though all of this quality, the pokemon’s pace is plodding. Its core for speed is just 50.
  • Total: The total stats for Vileplume is 490.

Location: “Vileplume”

As a result of evolution due to the evolution store, we can find Vileplume rarely found in the wild. They can usually found in the grassy plains; mostly, everyone mistakes it as a local flower in the wild. Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, Firered, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl all of these color evolves oddish or brown. Blue, Leafgreen, Black, White 2 trades from another game.

Uses: “Vileplume”

Vileplume is a speedy learner pokemon. It has a various amount of moves to defeat its enemy. Vileplume is used to attract its enemy then they drench it in with toxic spores. Once the enemy stops moving, Vileplume catches them and devours it.

Evolving Method: “Vileplume”

Vileplume at the first stage is a cute little blue pokemon. In its early stage, it is a poisonous grass oddish pokemon. In its second stage, it converts into a gloom toxic grass pokemon. The third stage is a typical one, as it needs a unique stone to turn in its next phase.

If Pokemon Master uses a leaf stone then, it turns into a Vileplume. If they use sunstone, then it converts to  Bellossom. It is not poisonous, but it still is grass pokemon.

Moves: “Vileplume”

Pokemon learns various moves in their lifetime to level up, or we can say to evolve into their best version. In level 1, some steps determined by Vileplume are-

  • Petal Dance is a type of grass attack with a power score of 120 and 100 accuracies.
  • Absorbs, which is of grass type whose power is 20 and accuracy is 100.
  • It learns acid attack with a score of 100 and power 40.
  • Aromatherapy is a grass attack.
  • Growth is a normal attack.
  • Toxic is a fatal attack.
  • Sleep powder is a grass attack.

Some of the move Vileplume learns by TM are as follows-

  • Venoshock is a poison attack. It learns it at level 74 with an accuracy of 100 ad power of 65.
  • At their 8th level, they learn a hyper beam with a power of 150 and an accuracy of 90.
  • It learns to safeguard attack at the 19th level. It is a normal attack.
  • Charm at level 29 with an accuracy of 100.
  • A sunny day is an attack with a level of 34.
  • Protect is learned at level 25.

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