Tauros POKEMON has moves like Tackle, Payback and Giga Impact. location, about stats, moves, uses, and more.

Introduced in the first generation, Tauros is a ‘Normal’ type Pokemon. It’s a four-legged creature that looks a lot like a bull. However, the similarity between the two is little. Notably, the dark-brownish mane sets them apart. Additionally, a lighter shade of brown covers Tauros’ body. A set of shining gray horns adorns its head, while three gray rocks run vertically down its forehead. It also has a brown colored nose and triangular eyes. The Pokemon also has three tails that are black colored. Furthermore, it has a black hoof on each of its feet.

Also known as ‘Wild Bull Pokemon,’ Tauros is a very aggressive creature. And it does not want others to ride it. When violent, Tauros whips its tails before charging towards the opponent. However, Tauros is a very social creature. They live in herds and graze the plains. However, they can become extremely territorial if the need arises. And often they face off against others of their kind. Tauros is also a male pokemon. However, some consider it to be the male counterpart of Miltank.

Tauros: Stats

The average height and weight of a Tauros are 4′ 07″ and 194.9 lbs. Also, they have a base HP of 75. Its attack stats is at 100, with defense at 95. Tauros possesses a speed of 110. Along with a ‘Special Attack’ and ‘Special Defense’ of 40 and 70. The Tauros mainly has two abilities, Intimidate and Anger Point. However, the pokemon also has a hidden ability known as Sheer Force. Furthermore, the growth level of Tauros is slow. The base exp of a Tauros is 172. It also has a base friendship level of 70.

Tauros: Moves

Tauros can learn new moves in various ways. Including Level up moves, TM/TR, and Tutoring. Some of these moves are:

  • Tackle
  • Payback
  • Giga Impact
  • Zen Headbutt
  • Solar Beam
  • Hyper Beam
  • Icy Wind
  • Bulldoze
  • Flamethrower
  • Thunderbolt
  • Megahorn
  • Blizzard
  • Whirlpool
  • Lash Out

Additionally, Tauros can make both physical and extraordinary moves.

Tauros: Location

Players can find Tauros in only select areas. These locations are:

  1. Gold and Silver: Routes 38 and 39
  2. Red and Blue: Safari Zone.
  3. Diamond and Pearl: Routes 209 and 210
  4. Pal Park: Field
  5. XD: Citadark Isle
  6. Colosseum: Trade
  7. Dream World: Pleasant Forest
  8. Sun and Moon: Poni Plains and Paniola Ranch
  9. Black and White: Poke Transfer
  10. Pokewalker: Scary Cave
  11. Crystal: Routes 38 and 39

Tauros: Powers

Since Tauros is a ‘Normal’ type, he is instrumental in physical battles. Moreover, his special attacks are also noteworthy. He uses his strength to charge at enemies at a remarkable speed. He’s so strong that once he gets enough speed, none can prevent him from hitting its target. Also, his horns are an essential tool in battle. Because of these reasons, people consider him to be one of the most violent Pokemons.

He can also use his abilities to gain an advantage over adversaries. For example, using ‘Intimidation,’ he can lower the enemy’s attacks. And, the Anger Point ability further increases Tauros’ strength.

Tauros: Evolution

In the Pokemon universe, some creatures can’t evolve. Tauros is such a Pokemon. It cannot develop into a new form.

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