Seaking POKEMON Stats, Evolving method, Location, Uses, and everything IN DETAIL.

Seaking is a Pokeman that appears mostly in Orange and White color. It is a Fish like, and it has dark eyes, pink lips, two small fangs, and especially a cream-colored horn at the center of its forehead. A female seeking will have a lower horn than a male. The entire body is orange with a patch of white color under its mouth and along with underside. There will be two thick lines under each of the eyes and also black markings on its body. A pair of tail fins shaped like butterfly wings, which look so beautiful, all are which are mixed black. These seakings live in freshwater, often live in hollow, boulders at the bottom of the river.

Seaking: Stats

The National no. of seaking is 119. The height is 1.3 m, and the weight is 39.0 kg. It has the abilities of Swift Swim as well as Water Veil. The Gender population is 50% male and 50% female. The stats of the seaking is as follows :

HP: 80

Attack: It is not bad at the attack, and it has a score of 92

Defense: The defense score of a seaking is 65

Special attack: The rating of the special attack is 80 which considers  as well

Speed: It is shallow, only 80

What’s the overall score? : Overall rating of Seekings in stats is 450

Seaking: Location


Where can we found Seaking? Well, You can find the Seekings in Evolves from Goldeen (At Level 33, its automatic). It doesn’t list any habitat in Pokedex, but players said they had seen it in Bridge field swimming around. It does not appear in any Raids. In the Winter season, The body of the seaking becomes a little bit fatty to get ready to propose to a mate. The body takes on beautiful and unusual colors.

Seaking: Evolving method

Goldeen is a water pokemon, and # #118 is its National index number. At the level of 33, it transforms into a Seaking, which is having the National index number #119. In Generation, Seaking has a particular stat of 80 at the base. In Generation 1-4, Seaaking has an experience yield of 170, which is a base. The evolution chart has several stages. In the swift swim, seaking may increase its speed when it’s raining. Water wail leads the seaking into to be immune to burns.

Seaking: Uses

what are the uses of Seakings? How to find the seakings? Well, Different color seakings will have different places. There are some places where you can easily find them, such as Let’Go Pikachu, Lets Go Eevee locates at Route 6, Sword, and Shield evolve from Goldeen, etc. Seaking is a water-based Pokeman with different moves in its hand. A fantastic water pokemon hard to defeat is seaking. Seaking makes sure that his owner should win, and with this aim, only it starts fighting, and in the end, what happens? The opponent gives up!

Seaking: General information

The Local number of seaking is 054. The catch rate of the seaking is meager. It is only 60 out of which 7.8 % are with Pokeballs, which is decidedly worse. These are normal for friendship, not much hard. They have a score of 70 in it. The base experience of the seaking is 158.

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