Important cheat codes or console commands in The Forest for PC and PS4 users! Click here!

Almost a year and a half ago, Endnight Games discharged one of the best entries in survival game genre named The Forest. It quickly rose to the prominence because of its gripping storyline, awesome graphics, and its fearsome atmosphere. After its beta version being thoroughly tested by some of the most distinguished gamers in our world for nearly four years, it became a huge triumph in the gaming universe. It also ended up selling more than five million copies at the climax of the year 2018.

Our key character is Eric Leblanc who miraculously withstands a severe plane crash with his son Timmy. The father-son duo gets trapped in a scary-looking forest possessing only an axe to defend them from various creatures like cannibals, mutants etc. Our ultimate goal is to save them at all costs by protecting them and searching through them for edible items and other necessary tools.

It looks like a pretty giant-sized task, isn’t it? But don’t worry, we got you covered! Every successful game comes with some handy cheat codes or console commands. Oh, come on! Don’t show your shyness now! These codes or commands not only aid you from getting through some tough situations but they also provide you with a different aspect to analyze the game from a completely unique angle.

Check out the most important cheats in The Forest right here!

How to enter the cheats in The Forest?

If you are speculating about using a different or a special type of console to use in The Forest, then save yourself from the trouble! You can play the game with your basic console as well. Yeah! Yeah! You can use them to enter the commands also. Just head to the main menu of the game and enter the commands mentioned below. However, you must know that the game doesn’t bestow any info regarding the acceptance of your typed command. That’s why we are advising you to be a bit cautious while entering them.

Here are some valuable cheats for you!

ironforest: Type it to make any building imperishable.

meatmode: Every cheat will get disabled.

rawmeatmode: Enter this command only if you don’t wish to stay in the game anymore. Sudden death! Also, don’t forget to bid farewell to your saved progress.

regrowmode: Use it to witness about 1/10th of the fallen trees getting restored at their original places to grow.

veganmode: All of the dangerous cannibals and mutants will appear in caves only.

vegetarianmode: The creatures which we mentioned in the previous code will be shown during the nighttime only.

woodpaste: Whether it’s a crane hole or a hole created from a cutter, it will be vanished and restored.

How to enter the console commands in The Forest?

If you’re a newbie to The Forest or unable to discover how to use the console commands in the game then you have come to the right place to find all your answers! Please, don’t waste your precious internet data by going over some YouTube videos or downloading the untrustworthy mod apks.

Go through the following instructions to know more: 

1. Press Z for toggling the console.

2. Use F1 for turning the console on or off.

3. Type X for turning on the log and status of the game. Press F2 to do the opposite.

4. Enter C for going through your stats. While F3 works for switching it on or off.

5. Left and right arrow keys are for altering your commands.

6. Up and down arrow keys are for cycling through all your prior commands.

7. The Enter key is the source of implementing them.

It’s not like all console commands are useful. Some of them directly impact your game’s progress. They may emerge as the reason behind the deletion of your saved files.

Most valuable cheats in The Forest

faststart on/off: Remember that severe aeroplane crash we talked about at the beginning of this article? Well, your player doesn’t have to go through that havoc anymore. Type this command and skip that horrifying crash.

buildermode on/off: Enter this cheat to construct anything in the game. The godmode and buildhack will be turned on. On the other hand, you have to say goodbye to the survival mode. Every important accessory will be added to your inventory. But this cheat can’t be used on the story items. Furthermore, your enemies will be kept at a safe distance from you so that you can get some more time to build something good.

cavelight on/off: Useful for switching on the light. Especially when you are wandering inside a dark cave.

cancelallghosts: Excellent for erasing every blueprint! But always remember to keep your volume down while applying this command. Why? Well, more blueprints means bigger will be the sound of their removal.

godmode on/off: Makes you immortal! It doesn’t matter if you are not drinking water or eating food, you will not lose your life as long as this command is in effect.

buildhack on/off: Works pretty similar to the buildermode command. Get your hands on various items and build anything with a free mind.

buildallghosts: Establishes the blueprints. Again, don’t forget what we told you about the volume thing.

itemhack on/off: Enter this command and get unlimited supply of items. But there’s a slight problem. If you don’t possess the your desired item already then you can’t earn it in extra quantity after entering it.

addallitems: Enhances your inventory by putting in almost every item in the game.

addallstoryitems: Use it to earn all the crucial story items.

save: Type it and that’s it! Your game is saved!

survival on/off: It doesn’t guarantee your protection against the strikes of your adversaries. However, you don’t have to eat or drink anything.

killallenemies: Instantly finishes off all your foes! But a survival game always needs villains, right? That’s why after some time, your enemies will rise again.

enemies on/off: Utilize it to turn your enemies on or off.

invisible on/off: Go underwater without risking your life. Rain will not be impacted and you still have the option of using the rainwater to wash yourself.

speedyrun on/off: Your running speed will be boosted. But it doesn’t mean that it gives you invincibility. You can still end up losing your life during its effect.

terrainrender on/off: On or off the terrain on this command. But it doesn’t matter if the terrain is on or off, you can still amble on it.

forcerain: Apply it and select your desired weather in the game. You can type various words like light, medium, sunny, cloudy, and heavy after typing the main command.

additem77: Get a live rabbit straight in your hands with this one! In the game, number 77 stands for a rabbit. It means you can replace 77 with any number to get your coveted item. But you must know about the remaining numbers.

cutdowntrees (put any number less than or equal to 100)/100%: Use it to chop your desired percentage of trees in the game. Just put the number in place of the bracket mentioned above.

cutgrass 10: Useful for cutting down the grass within a fixed radius. Replace 10 with any number you want to remove the grass from a larger area.

showgamestats: Your stats will be displayed to you on your screen.

revealcavemap: Every map will be dropped on your screen.

setdifficultylevel: Choose your favourite level in the game. You have the options of selecting normal, peaceful, hard, standard, creative, mod, and hardsurvival. Put any of these words after the main cheat code to obtain your desired level.

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