IMDB ranks Sacha Baron Cohen’s best 10 movies till date, movies like The Dictator and Talladega Night.

Sacha Baron Cohen American Actor, famous for his Satirical character Borat Sagdiyev was the most memorable. Cohen was in the film industry for more than 25 years; he not only praise as a comedian as well; he was dramatically acclaim best for many roles critically.

Keep on reading. You will know Sacha Baron Cohen’s best movie drama, awards, and more interesting facts. Also, we can see the top 10 films of him. He got 41 credits on the television and TV show.

“The Dictator” 6.4 (2012)

Cohen stars as the Aladeen Admiral general who is visiting the US, the dictator in the fictional country. Larry Charles directs this movie with three interesting characters. The audience gave C grade to this film; it was more likable to the viewers than IMBd ratings.

“Out for love, Be back shortly” 6.5 (1997)

This film is an autobiographical movie; under Dan Katzir tells the story of the generation’s struggle in finding love were includes hatred and terror. Baron, as Katzir, says his passion for an Iris girl who starts her military service and mostly the assassin of Yitzchak Rabin prime minister. It has won a lot of awards across the world.

“Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” 6.6 (2008)

There are three different Madagascar movie which was rated high and famous all over the world. If you don’t know till this is Baron Cohen was the voice cast of King Julien, which was a popular anime character. The survival play of the animals in computer animation.

“Talladega Nights” 6.6 (2008)

Cohen’s first live-action movie is Talladega Nights; it is a Comical sports movie under the direction of Adam McKay. This film is about car racing, competition, and racers. With Will Ferrell as Rick, the main hero of the movie. And Cohen acted in a typical role as a villain antagonist and rival in racing.

“Madagascar 3: Europe’s most wanted” 6.8(2012)

The third film of Madagascar, it is about the animals that end up in Europe from Newyork zoo they try to get back to their home. They make new friends here, and they understood that their home is never under cage bars. And also in their run from animal control officer before catching them.

“Madagascar” 6.9 (2005)

Cohen’s one of the notable films in the US and famous worldwide. Madagascar leads the characters of animals where they try to escape from the zoo, Julian. The king attacks them, and all the animals try to go back to their home. The two crucial catchy animals are Penguin and Lion.

“Borat” 7.3 (2006)

This movie in 2006 made Sacha Baron Cohen, a popular one in America for his film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. He was not as similar to any people. And he dresses him as Borat Sagdiyev and walks in the street of America. Also, he tricks many people with his odd look and asks about the culture of America. So it was popular at the same time people in the film got angry about how they portray in the movie.

“Sweeney Todd” 7.3 (2007)

Tony’s Award-winning play Sweeney Todd adapt into a film. It is about a Murderous Barber and his partner Johnny Depp, Mrs. Lovett. Cohen acts as Adolfo Pirelli, one of the antagonists, and he was a victim of the fleet street demon barber.

“Hugo” 7.5 (2011)

The story is about a boy Hugo who lives in a railway station by himself. Cohen as Railway officer who threatens the boy to go to an orphan. Also, it was nominated 11 times for the Oscar and Golden Globe. But it was an utter failure in the box office.

Les Miserables (2012) – 7.6

It is about Jean Valjean man who was haunted for many years a historical musical. Sacha and Helena are the innkeepers, the second villains as an abusive figure and threatening characters. They have to keep him under their control, and his life cannot go as he wishes. And Follow up with my next article, “Vampire Season 2.”

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