The Winds of winter: Martin is all set to release his new book in continuation to the last ones!! To know the insiders click here now!!

The author of Game of Thrones updated readers on his blog on Tuesday to find out how the long-awaited sixth book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series is coming out. Martin is literally writing his days in the cabin window, and now I hope this book ends in 2021.”Half an hour after the epidemics, arrests, and social uprisings, I have to admit that the cabin is showing signs of fever … half of which are very literal in my case,” he wrote. “Yeah, I’m in a real cabin in the mountains. No, I don’t have a fever. Yeah! At least I’m healthy now … 71 for those outsides, at least … the way I can live.


“If nothing else, forced loneliness helped me write,” Martin continued. “I spend more hours every day for the winter breeze and make steady progress. I just finished a new chapter yesterday, another three days ago, another week, but it’s not a book. Done, I still have a long way to go .. I have bad days. , They say ‘Drop it, good day.

George R.R. Martin Offers An Update On The Next Game Of Thrones ...

Who raised me, but I’m happy with the way I do everything.’ In particular, the author was outraged that he was writing about Cersei Lannister, Asha Grozoy (named Yara in the HBO series), Tyrion Lannister, Cerberiston Selmi and Area Hota. The author noted that his visit to the 78th World Science Fiction Conference in New Zealand, which is underway this year, was heartwarming. “COVID-19 and Winds of Winter are expected to be completed,” Martin said of next year’s visit to Wellington.

About the third book

In her third book, A Storm of Walls, she wrote an average of 150 pages a month (speed is considered unreliable, and a typical length is half the size of a book). “I’m afraid I won’t be able to reach that pace again,” he said. “Looking back, I had no idea how I did this.”

[UPDATES] Winds Of Winter will be coming soon!!!! Release Date Possibility, Read the article for all new updates....The new Stephen King Novella collection includes the author’s kind words for If It Bleeds and Emily St. John Mandal’s The Glass Hotel. That’s right, it’s good to read Martin’s entire post to get things right. Martin, meanwhile, is the executive producer and co-producer of the upcoming Throne Prequel series Dragons and is developing two series based on his wild card novels with Universal Cable Productions Hulu.

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