“The 100 Season 8”: Will “Clarke” be able to make peace with “The Primes”? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

For quite some time now, there have been speculations that the world is going to end soon. At least, I have heard this “the world is at the brink of an Apocalypse” for as long as I’ve been alive!  But what if it happens? Don’t worry; you don’t have to strain your grey cells too much! “The 100 Season 8” will take you right where you want to be!

shelby flannery in the 100

Considering it’s already time for their eighth season, it hasn’t been long since the first season came out. Eight seasons, six years. Well, that’s a ratio we can live with! Produced by production giants “The CW” and “Warner Bros,” this series has received an enormous amount of fan support over the years. But fans will always be fans! The season finale for Season 7 hasn’t even released yet, and there are rumors already regarding the future of the show!

Well, today, we’ll be clearing out all those rumors for you. Keep reading!

Release date: “The 100 Season 8.”

According to the executive producer of the show, there will be no Season 8! According to our sources, although the studio was ready to continue with the show, the creators were decisive about concluding the show. They’ve come on record and said that seven seasons are more than enough for any story which revolves around a group of people. Well, I can’t argue with that!

However, we do have some good news for you as well! A prequel story to “The 100” has been planned out by the producers. So, fans of the show, there you go! However, due to the global pandemic situation, the new show might come out later than it was initially scheduled.

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Star cast: “The 100 Season 8.”

Well, the main cast for “The 100” has remained the same from Season 1 itself, considering the entire story revolves around them. As the lead character of the show, we have Eliza Taylor, who plays the role of Clarke Griffin. The other characters involved Thomas Mcdonell as Finn Collins, Bob Morley (It’s “Morley” not “Marley”!) as Bellamy Blake, Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan and Lindsey Morgan as Raven Rayes.

Plot: “The 100 Season 8”

Although there isn’t confirmation regarding how this story might end, we do have a few possible assumptions. During season 7, we’ve seen that Clarke and her team try to make peace with “The Primes” instead of going all guns firing at them. Well, somebody’s learned from their mistakes. So if indeed there is a Season 8, it’ll probably be about whether she manages to do so!

Also, throughout the story, we’ve seen how the little mistakes we do lead to extraordinary proportions in the long wrong. Last time, everything was fine before Clarke decided to mess around with the Mountain Men! So, since people, in general, have a habit of poking around where they aren’t welcome, we’re pretty sure it’ll put these scavengers in danger again!

And most importantly, the new prequel! Well, “The 100” started ninety-seven years afterlife on Earth was wiped out. So, it makes sense that the prequel would be about how life was before it. And what exactly caused this great “Apocalypse”?

Storyline: “The 100 Season 8”

For people who have no idea what we’re talking about right now, don’t worry! Let me give you a gist of the story.

Life on Earth gets destroyed by a devastating nuclear accident, and some people start living in a space station orbiting the Earth, called The Ark. However, overpopulation strikes in a few hundred years and a hundred young detainees (thus the name!) are sent back to Earth to check whether things have become better.

But nobody likes others in their territory, right? Nor did the “Mountain Men,” who were the descendants of the humans who had grounded themselves before the apocalypse hit. However, instead of trying to solve things out, the two races go after each other leading to a never-ending violent war! Will Clarke finally realize her mistake and make peace? Well, we can just guess now!

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